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Happi Baby CAPSULE Insert

Happi Baby CAPSULE Insert
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Happi Baby CAPSULE Insert

This insert helps babies head lie upright in a natural position instead of slumping forward, research suggests that babies travelling in car seats should be provided with additional support to prevent blocking of their airway.

It is important to have your baby secure in a car seat for car journeys. However, babies’ heads are large and part of the head protrudes back beyond the line of the back. Also babies’ necks are very short - so that when sleeping babies are strapped into car seats many babies’ heads become pushed forward by the seat back so that their chins press onto their chests. That pressure can displace their chins upwards and back, pushing their tongues into their airway, and thus hindering their breathing. To avoid this risk an insert for car seats has been developed which supports the baby’s body forward, so that the head can stay in its natural position when the baby is strapped in.

Happi inserts are designed to protect infants until they are about nine months old, when infants’ jaws become stable..

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