Baby Bassinets for your Nursery

If you’ve been looking for a sleep solution for a new born baby, or a method to help your baby sleep, then Baby on the Move have the answer. A Baby Bassinet is ideal as a sleep / rest solution for your baby. Baby on the Move stock a large range of bassinets including, folding, portable or nest. Choose from a wide range of colours including whites, blacks or natural wood. These make beautiful and useful gifts for a new parent or daughter in law so ask us about free delivery options. 


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Childcare Cosy Time Sleeper
Bassinet by Childcare The Childcare Cosy Time Sleeper has both a bassinet mode and a bedside slee.....
$399.99 Ex Tax: $347.82
Halo Co Sleeper Bassinest
Co-Sleeper Bassinet by Halo The revolutionary HALO™ Bassinest™ Swivel Sleeper is the only infan.....
$469.00 Ex Tax: $407.83
Kaylula Gala Cradle
Cradle by Kaylula The NEW Kaylula Gala Cradle is a revolutionary design which grows with your.....
$1,199.00 Ex Tax: $1,042.61
Kaylula Yo Yo Cradle
Yo Yo Cradle by Kaylula The Kaylula YoYo Cradle is like no other and matches the Kaylula Sova.....
$1,299.00 Ex Tax: $1,129.57
Natures Purest Rocking Crib
Rocking Crib Natures Purest Rocking Crib, ideal for any stylish nursery decor! Features: .....
$799.00 Ex Tax: $694.78
Baby Bjorn Cradle
Baby Cradle by Baby Bjorn This is a safe sleeping place for baby to rest feeling snug and secure......
$599.00 Ex Tax: $520.87
Cariboo Classic Bassinet
Classic Bassinet by Cariboo The Classic Bassinet is the epitome of timeless beauty which looks .....
$369.00 Ex Tax: $320.87
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Cariboo Gentle Motions Bassinet and Stand
Gentle Motions Bassinet and Stand by Cariboo Cariboo is a line of children's furniture that sho.....
$359.00 Ex Tax: $312.17
Childcare Lullabye Bassinet
Bassinet by Childcare The Childcare Lullabye Bassinet is quilted for your baby’s comfort and feat.....
$199.95 Ex Tax: $173.87
Folding Bassinet
Folding Bassinet by Cariboo Convenient, stylish and portable, the Folding Bassinet is a versati.....
$259.00 Ex Tax: $225.22
Grotime Patsy Bassinet
Patsy Bassinet by Grotime Your little one is very dependent and needs your constant attention. Th.....
$319.00 Ex Tax: $277.39
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Mothers Choice Coco Bassinet
Coco Bassinet by Mothers Choice The Mother's Choice Coco Bassinet has a sturdy plantation pine .....
$239.00 Ex Tax: $207.83