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3 in 1 Terry Head Hugger

3 in 1 Terry Head Hugger

Brand:Jolly Jumper
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3 in 1 Terry Head Hugger by Jolly Jumper

3 in 1 Head Hugger®
Safety Support Pillows

This is a great gift item - the preemie head hugger is perfect for tiny newborns and premature babies, the regular size fits infants and they can both be used in the car seat, stroller, crib & more! The soft straps prevent the car seat strap from chafing baby's delicate skin.


  • Use preemie size Head Hugger for smaller newborns
  • Use two supports for newborns
  • Use larger support for infants
  • Machine washable
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Is this jolly jumper terry head hugger legal to use in car capsules in NZ
I keep hearing conflicting reports , some say its illegal , others say its not recommended. My small grand daughter needs needs one in her capsule for support. It does not appear to interfere with any safety that I can see. the car seat capsule that is currently being used is a baby boom which does not appear to have any manufacturers recommendations manual that I can find
S King
  • Hi There, Thank you for your enquiry, this product hasn't been tested with any car seats however, there is no testing requirements avaliable in New Zealand to test after market products such as this. For a small infant with poor head support, use a rolled small towel or a head snuggler around the head to stop the head moving sideways and to align it with the rest of the body. If using a head snuggler or a small rolled up towel, ensure they are around the infants head, not under the infants head, as this could cause the infants head to drop forward and potentially obstruct the infants airway. You are more than welcome to contact our nearest store and see if this head hugger fits in your carseat, otherwise you will need to use your own discretion.
    We hope this answers your question.​For further information on this or any of our other products available, if you follow the link this will take you to our online store finder. Here you can find contact details for your nearest Baby On The Move Store where one of our team experts will be happy to assist you in your product search and help answer any further questions you may have. We hope this has helped with your query.
    Baby On The Move Team
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