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Maxi Exclusive

Maxi Exclusive

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Bike Seat by Bobike

With the Bobike Maxi Exclusive you can take your child (9 months to 6 years of age, up to 22 kg) safety and comfortably along on the back of a bicycle. Thanks to the design, use of materials and ingenious functional features, your child is provided with maximum protection. This sense of safety is further enhanced by a unique safety belt system that gently restrains your child’s shoulders and is easy to adjust to size. Standard equipment for the Bobike Maxi Exclusive includes an integrated spoke protector. Also approved according to EU safety standard EN14344.

The Bobike Maxi Exclusive will always have the right size for your child because of the patented safety belt system and foot rests that adjust in length. The Bobike Maxi Exclusive is easy to mount on the bicycle with the luggage carrier mounting bracket. The luggage carrier mounting bracket is included as standard equipment with the Bobike Maxi Exclusive. If the standard mounting bracket does not fit your bicycle, there will always be another one that will.


  • For children from 9 months to 6 years
  • Suitable for children weighing from 9 to 22 kilos
  • Quick and easy to attach tot the luggage carrier
  • Length of safety belt is easy to adjust
  • Comfortable helmet recess
  • Comfortable cushion
  • Unique 3-point safety belt
  • Adjustable foot support trays
  • Integrated spoke protectors
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Does the luggage carrier fit a 18cm wide carrier?
We have a Kona Ute Cargo bike and looking for a child carrier that will fit a 18cm wide luggage carrier.
Helen Johnston
  • Hi Helen, thank you for your inquiry, The Maxi Exclusive is designed to fit racks up to 175mm, so unfortunately is just a smidge too small!! It is very close though, If it doesn't fit they could potentially get it to work by using the 1point mounting bracket. This attaches to the seat tube, and can be fitted to sit above the luggage carrier. 
    Both the Maxi Exclusive and the ONE Maxi have the same mounting system, although it would need to be the new colours of the Exclusive, Black, Denim Deluxe, Cinnamon Brown, Safari Chic or Boy/Girl, as the previous range had a slightly different mounting system. I hope this helps. For further information on this or any of our other products available, if you follow the link this will take you to our online store finder. Here you can find contact details for your nearest Baby On The Move Store where one of our team experts will be happy to assist you in your product search and help answer any further questions you may have. We hope this has helped with your query. 
    Baby On The Move Team
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