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Medela Freestyle

Medela Freestyle

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Breastpump by Medela

The world's smallest double electric breastpump helps mothers save precious time and offers freedom of movement whilst pumping. Freestyle is ideal for daily and regular use.

Also includes: Cooler carrier bag, 4 bottles with lids and 1 calma teat.


  • Efficient: double pumping and the 2-Phase Expression technology enables maximum time saving
  • Innovative: small, lightweight and quiet, yet still extremely efficient
  • Comfortable: individually adjustable vacuum settings, as well as memory function offers the highest degree of comfort
  • Complete control: a display shows all the relevant information
  • Freedom: the hands-free set offers mothers maximum mobility and freedom of movement
  • Rechargable battery that lasts up to 3 hours
  • Option of single and double pumping

The best for your baby

Are you separated from your baby during the day? Are you unable to breastfeed your baby directly due to work commitments or because your baby has had to stay in hospital? The Freestyle Double Electric Breastpump helps you to pump breastmilk efficiently and comfortably - no matter where you are. Double pumping also saves you precious time and improves milk production.

Perfect unison of nature and technology

Thanks to the 2-Phase Expression Technology, the electric breastpump is able to mimic the baby's natural sucking behaviour at the mother's breast. Pumping with the electric breastpump is so comfortable it almost feels as if you are actually breastfeeding. The faster milk ejection and maximum milk flow significantly reduce pumping time. This allows you to pump more milk in less time.

Calma - the unique breastmilk teat for your baby

For a mother looking for a solution to feed her child breastmilk, Calma is ideal. Calma was developed based on the results of our studies with the University of Western Australia. That's why Calma is the unique teat for babies who are being breastfed with breastmilk, as it allows them to suck, swallow and breathe, as learned on the breast. Whether you breastfeed or use Calma, the baby has to create a vacuum for breastmilk to flow. As soon as the baby pauses, the flow is stopped, this is also the way with breastfeeding.

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Medela Breast Shield Connector Parts
Hello, i am looking for some extra medela breast shield connector parts for my freestyle double pump. Can you supply these?
Ebba Currie
  • Hi Ebba, thank you for your enquiry, if you contact your local store they can order any parts you need straight from the supplier. We hope this helps. ​For further information on this or any of our other products available, if you follow the link this will take you to our online store finder. Here you can find contact details for your nearest Baby On The Move Store where one of our team experts will be happy to assist you in your product search and help answer any further questions you may have. We hope this has helped with your query.
    Baby On The Move Team
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