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Giggle Bug, Locator

Giggle Bug, Locator

Brand:Giggle Bug
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Giggle Bug Locator

The Giggle Bug is an effective, easy-to-use electronic child locator that gives parents peace of mind while out in public with small children. The concept is simple: Tracking a lost child by sound, much like finding your cordless phone at home.

The Giggle Bug clips easily onto a child’s clothing, and the small key fob is held by the parent. If a child wanders away or hides, the parent or caregiver simply activates the Giggle Bug by pushing the button on the handheld unit. The Giggle Bug emits a loud (85 dB), distinctive, child-friendly beep, until the child is located and the parent deactivates the unit.

The Giggle Bug has a range of 20-30 metres indoors and 30+ metres outdoors. Range varies based on environment and obstructions.

The Giggle Bug comes with a tamper-resistant safety feature. Should the Giggle Bug become dislodged or removed from the child’s clothing, and the clip closes, the unit will beep and flash until the clip is opened and re-attached.


  • Low battery power is indicated by a slow, continual “beep” and flashing light. Replacement 3V coin cell batteries (CR 2032) may be purchased at many major retailers.
  • The Giggle Bug is not a toy and is not waterproof. It should be kept dry to function properly.
  • Giggle Bug Kid Finder is a trademark of Intelent Technologies, Inc. Patent Pending.
  • This product is supplied in New Zealand in compliance with Australian/New Zealand radio frequency safety standards.
  • This product is guaranteed for 30 days against manufacturer defects

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