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Mini Muffs Zee Case

Mini Muffs Zee Case

Brand:Banz Carewear
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Earmuff Case by Banz Carewear

Prevent bumps, scratches and crumbs in your babe’s ear defenders with a useful storage case! Named after our cute mascots BanZee and BubZee, these protective cases come in two sizes, to fit Banz ‘Hear No Blare’ Mini Muffs for under 2 years and Protective Earmuffs for 2-10+ years.

Presented in colours designed to pair up with Banz earmuffs, these durable hard cases provide safe storage and protection for your earmuffs when not in use.

There’s a handy mesh pocket inside to hold small items and the bold colours make it really easy to locate the earmuffs when you need them… plus they look pretty cool for a storage case, too!


  • Strong, durable construction with a heavy-duty zip closure; let the case take the knocks, not your child’s earmuffs!
  • Soft lining inside the case to protect the earmuffs
  • Internal mesh pocket to store small accessories
  • Colours co-ordinate with earmuffs
  • Wrist strap included to allow for effortless portability and make case-carrying easy!

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