Bassinets & Hammocks

If you’ve been looking for a sleep solution for a new born baby, or a method to help your baby sleep, then Baby on the Move have the answer. A Baby Bassinet is ideal as a sleep / rest solution for your baby. Baby on the Move stock a large range of bassinets including, folding, portable or nest. Choose from a wide range of colours including whites, blacks or natural wood. These make beautiful and useful gifts for a new parent or daughter in law so ask us about free delivery options. 

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Bebe Care Moses Basket
Moses Basket by Bebe Care The bebe care Moses Basket is a unique and luxurious baby basket that w.....
$199.00 Ex Tax: $173.04
Bebe Care Moses Basket Stand
Moses Basket Stand by Bebe Care This ultra-modern Moses Basket Stand is the perfect match for the.....
$149.00 Ex Tax: $129.57
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Cariboo Gentle Motions Bassinet (Excludes Stand)
Gentle Motions Bassinet (excludes stand) by Cariboo Cariboo is a line of children's furniture t.....
$229.00 Ex Tax: $199.13
Halo Swivel Sleeper Bassinest Silver Luna
Co-Sleeper Bassinet by Halo The revolutionary HALO™ Bassinest™ Swivel Sleeper is the only infan.....
$470.00 Ex Tax: $408.70
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Natures Sway Baby Hammock
Baby Hammock by Natures Sway Nature’s Sway baby hammocks give continuous comfort through the ge.....
$269.00 Ex Tax: $233.91
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Natures Sway Hammock and Stand Pack
Hammock and Stand Package by Natures Sway All Natures Sway baby hammocks come with their luxuri.....
$429.00 Ex Tax: $373.04
Baby Bjorn Cradle
Baby Cradle by Baby Bjorn This is a safe sleeping place for baby to rest feeling snug and secure......
$649.95 Ex Tax: $565.17
Bebe Care Crib
Crib by Bebe Care The bebe care Crib provides a sleeping haven for your child. The sleek simplist.....
$299.00 Ex Tax: $260.00
Bebe Care Nordica Cradle
Cradle by Bebe Care Bebe care nursery furniture is manufactured in Europe to an extremely high qu.....
$699.00 Ex Tax: $607.83
Cariboo Bassinet Changer
Bassinet Changer by Cariboo The bassinet changer offers a compact change table set up fitting sec.....
$139.00 Ex Tax: $120.87
Cariboo Classic Bassinet
Baby Bassinet by Cariboo The Classic Bassinet is the epitome of timeless beauty which looks ele.....
$449.00 Ex Tax: $390.43
Cariboo Contemporary Cot Top Bassinet
Contemporary Cot Top Bassinet by Cariboo The Cot-Top accessories are designed to fit on top of th.....
$249.00 Ex Tax: $216.52
Halo Bassinest Glide - Mosaic
Bassinest by Halo The HALO Bassinest glide sleeper is the only bassinet that glides effortlessly .....
$320.00 Ex Tax: $278.26
Love N Care Dreamtime Co-Sleeper Bassinet
Co-Sleeper Bassinet by Love N Care The Love N Care dreamtime Co-Sleeper has both a bassinet mode .....
$379.00 Ex Tax: $329.57
Natures Sway Deluxe Hammock with Stand Pack
Deluxe Hammock and Stand Pack by Natures Sway Natures Sway Deluxe Hammock And Stand Package: T.....
$469.00 Ex Tax: $407.83
Natures Sway Hammock Stand
Hammock Stand by Natures Sway This is our classic four legged baby hammock stand, chosen for its .....
$229.00 Ex Tax: $199.13
Natures Sway Organics Baby Hammock
Organics Baby Hammock by Natures Sway Natures Sway baby beds give continuous comfort through the .....
$369.00 Ex Tax: $320.87
Natures Sway Organics Hammock with Stand Pack
Organics Hammock and Stand Package by Natures Sway The Natures Sway Baby Hammock and Stand pack c.....
$509.00 Ex Tax: $442.61
Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket
Dreami Moses Basket by Shnuggle Shnuggle Dreami® Moses Basket is a multi award winning, moses bas.....
$299.00 Ex Tax: $260.00
Sunbury Cocoon
Bassinet Cocoon by Sunbury Introducing the Sunbury Cocoon Bassinet Sunbury Cocoon Bassinet pro.....
$300.00 Ex Tax: $260.87