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Kids Sleep Trainer Clock

Kids Sleep Trainer Clock

Brand:Claessens Kids
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Sleep Trainer Clock by Claessens Kids

While there are now a number of sleep trainer clocks available, the original sleep trainer clock was designed in Switzerland by Claessens Kids.

Using the Kids Moon Sleep Clock will help everyone get more sleep. Your child will be able to see when it’s nearly time to get up and when it is morning time. All time settings are adjustable, and there are different time settings for weekday mornings, nap time and the weekend.

The Kid Sleep Moon Sleep Trainer Clock has the best range of functions we have seen in a sleep trainer clock.


  • Operates as traditional night light - as well as sleep trainer clock
  • 3 settings for night-time, nap time and weekend wake-up
  • 4 choices of wake-up alarm plus a silent mode
  • 4 levels of brightness - adjusted easily with a button
  • 4 choices of lullaby including heartbeat and running water (non-continuous)
  • ’Go to Sleep’ cycle as well as ’Wake up’ cycle

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