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HEADwedge by Safe T Sleep

Safe T Sleep® HEADwedge100% cotton cover over a specially-designed triangular foam strip. The Safe T Sleep HEADwedge is designed to be used together with the Safe T Sleep Classic and Travel Sleepwrap’s®.The little Safe T Sleep HEADwedge assists parents and caregivers to help position baby's head on alternate sides at each sleep to help prevent flat, deformed heads occurring in young infants, which is an ongoing concern world-wide. Use the HEADwedge tucked WELL underneath the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap babywrap on alternate side of baby’s head at each sleep so that it complies with safety advice not to have ‘loose items in the cot’.

The Safe T Sleep HEADwedge is most useful from first returning home from the hospital through to when baby is approximately six months old. The younger the baby, the softer the head so in those early days after baby first comes home baby's head will typically be softest. The Safe T Sleep HEADwedge helps ensure natural baby head shaping and normal brain development while allowing for movement that is natural during baby's sleep and nap times.Don't settle for less and avoid imitations. Safe T Sleep Sleepwraps and HEADwedges are the original, tested, safe babywrap swaddle and HEADwedge combination.


  • Promotes a more comfortable, restful, safer sleep
  • Helps prevent tummy sleeping, suffocation and overheating
  • Ideal for reflux, colds and colic positioning
  • Helps prevent/correct misshapen (flat) heads
  • Helps prevent falls from cots, cribs and beds
  • Proven independent hospital clinicall trials
  • Great for easier travelling, visiting, camping, boat and motor homing
  • 100% breathable natural cotton
  • Weave tested and chemical free
  • Suitable for Newborn to 3 years

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