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Ripple Bath Mat

Ripple Bath Mat

Brand:Boon Inc
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Bath Mat by Boon

THE BEST THING IN THE TUB SINCE YOUR KID What do we not love about baby bath mats? They’re too small (annoying), they’re stiff (ouch) and water gets trapped underneath them (nasty). Well, no more. RIPPLE covers a large portion of your tub, has a super soft textured surface to prevent slipping and, get this: features a built-in hook for hanging and drain holes that expel every drop of water. The effect on bath time is gonna be epic.

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Boon bath Matt. Can I use this in a tub with the pop up plug in the center of the bath?
I’m struggling to find a bath Matt to use in my bath that can go over the pop up plug in the center of the bath. My boys keep slipping without anything and it makes me nervous! I’d love to find a product that can be used in our style bath and to also let my other mummy friends know too as we all have the same struggle!
  • Hi  Melody, thank you for your inquiry. A very interesting question, we have spoken to the supplier and they think the ripple bath mat would work fine because it has multiple suction cups so as long as the plug is pushed down and level with the base of the bath it should work. I suppose the only way is to try it and if you have any problem please let us know. We hope this has helped with your query. ​
    Baby On The Move Team
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