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NUK Silicone Teats, Size 2, 6-18mths, Large Hole, 2 Pk

NUK Silicone Teats, Size 2, 6-18mths, Large Hole, 2 Pk

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A mother’s nipple changes shape during breastfeeding. It adapts to the baby's mouth, enabling optimal food intake and providing the best possible training for the jaw, palate, tongue and lips.

NUK therefore developed a teat shape based on the shape of a mother’s nipple during breastfeeding - orthodontic. Size 2 - 6-18months

The NUK Anti-Colic AIR SYSTEM balances the pressure in the teat, reducing the risk of baby colic that can occur when a baby swallows air.


  • Made from high quality, extra durable natural latex
  • Typical orthodontic NUK shape
  • ensures a correct fit to your baby's oral cavity
  • Vented teat reduces amount of air swallowed
  • Developed by Dr. A. M³ller (Dentistry) and Prof. W. Balters.
  • 6 - 18 months

    Suitable for thicker liquids, such as pulpy juices or thickened formula.

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