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Premium Disposable Breastpads 52pk

Premium Disposable Breastpads 52pk

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Breastpads by Milkbar

Here at Milkbar we have done extensive research around what makes a good breast pad! Two key features that continued to surface as being of importance to mums were comfort and absorbency.

There is nothing worse than a breast pad that is uncomfortable, itchy and doesn't stay in place. Or a breast pad that has low or ineffective absorbency that allows milk escape onto your skin and clothes.

We have designed a super comfortable and highly efficient and absorbent breast pad that you are going to love.


  • Leak Protection - Our 3 groove design tunnels the absorption, allowing the pad to absorb liquid, moving slowly from the inside out giving you long lasting protection from leaks.
  • High Absorption - Milkbar Breast Pads easily absorb 85+ mls of liquid.
  • Breathable - Stay dry and comfortable with our breathable waterproof backing.
  • Comfort - Break free from itchy nipples! Our breast pads are super soft and moisture wicking so you stay comfortable.
  • Shape - No more unsightly pad lines! Our breast pads are a '3D' contoured design, made to mold to your natural breast shape and sit in place with our double adhesive strips
  • Coverage - Our breast pads are circular in shape to provide maximum breast coverage.

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