Feeding & High Chairs

When it comes to feeding your baby, we know you want everything just right and our range of baby feeding equipment of highchairs, portable high chairs, breast pumps, bottle feeding etc will make meal times as stress-free as possible. The list of accessories is endless so to make it easier to select just what you need we have categorized all baby feeding essentials below. Looking for something more give us a call, we are happy to help with any questions you may have.

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B.Box Disney Sippy Cup
Disney Sippy Cup by B.Box It’s Disney reimagined, with a very b.box take on Disney classics. Brin.....
$19.95 Ex Tax: $17.35
B.Box Disney Travel Bib & Spoon
Disney Bib & Spoon by B.Box It’s Disney reimagined, with a very b.box take on Disney classics.....
$24.95 Ex Tax: $21.70
B.Box Fresh Food Feeder Grape
Fresh Food Feeder by B.Box Lets babies explore new food tastes, textures and colours in a fun and.....
$9.95 Ex Tax: $8.65
B.Box Insulated Stainless Steel Drink Bottle
Insulated Stainless Steel Drink Bottle by B.Box NEW stainless steel Insulated Drink Bottle from b.....
$34.95 Ex Tax: $30.39
B.Box Sippy Cup Neoprene Sleeve
Sippy Cup Sleeve by B.Box Personalise your sippy cup with b.box’s NEW insulating neoprene sleeves.....
$9.95 Ex Tax: $8.65
B.Box Sippy Cup V2
Sippy Cup V2 by B.Box The award winning b.box Sippy Cup has been updated and redefined! Featur.....
$17.95 Ex Tax: $15.61
B.Box Sippy Cup V2 Replacement Straw & Cleaner Set
Straw Replacement Set for Sippy Cup V2 by B.Box Two spare straws and a cleaning brush - especiall.....
$10.95 Ex Tax: $9.52
B.Box Smock Bib Large 2-4 years
Smock Bib by b.box Mealtime is messy, but your child's clothes don't have to be! New b.box Smo.....
$34.95 Ex Tax: $30.39
B.Box Smock Bib Small 6 - 18months
Smock Bib by B.Box Mealtime is messy, but your child's clothes don't have to be! The original .....
$34.95 Ex Tax: $30.39
B.Box Toddler Cutlery Set
Cutlery by b.box This cute cutlery set co-ordinates with the matching b.box bowl & straw, and.....
$14.95 Ex Tax: $13.00
B.Box Travel Bib & Spoon
Travel Bib by B.Box This cool travel bib and spoon has bub covered. And there’s no need for zip l.....
$23.95 Ex Tax: $20.83
B.Box Tritan Drink Bottle
Tritan Plastic Drink Bottle by B.Box The next step sippy cup – perfect for the playground. Made f.....
$24.95 Ex Tax: $21.70
B.Box Universal Silicone Lids
Universal Silicone Lids by B.Box No spills, no fuss with these universal silicone lids from b.box.....
$14.95 Ex Tax: $13.00
B.Box XL Bowl & Straw
Bowl & Straw by B.Box Original bowl + straw has been upsized to double its capacity, maki.....
$19.95 Ex Tax: $17.35
BA Baby Bottle Holder - Rose
BA Baby Bottle Holder, Rose The BA is a bottle accessory designed to assist infants and toddler.....
$24.50 Ex Tax: $21.30
Babu Bibs 2pk
Bibs by Babu A simple item but an absolute essential, these bibs are made from super soft, v.....
$25.00 Ex Tax: $21.74
Baby Bjorn High Chair
High Chair by Baby Bjorn In the BABY BJÖRN High Chair your child sits comfortably and stably from.....
$499.95 Ex Tax: $434.74
Baby First Feeding Cushion 2 Small Navy
Feeding Cushion 2 by Baby First The Feeding Cushion 2, small from Baby First comes in 100% cott.....
$69.95 Ex Tax: $60.83
Boon Cactus
Drying Rack by Boon Mountains of bottles and sippy cup parts making you a little prickly? Add POK.....
$9.00 Ex Tax: $7.83
Boon Clutch Dishwasher Basket
Dishwasher Basket by Boon NO SLIPS HERE. A dishwasher basket that holds everything? Your everyday.....
$24.00 Ex Tax: $20.87
Boon Nosh Snack Container
Snack Container by Boon So, you give your adorable child a bowl full of snacks and about one mill.....
$18.00 Ex Tax: $15.65