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Natures Logical Answers Book

Natures Logical Answers Book

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Parent help book by BabyCues

BabyCues is a revolutionary parenting book. It delivers original, proven findings and practical know-how that helps to achieve natural digestive balance for newborns throughout their first six months - reducing, if not eliminating, the abnormal behaviours of colic, reflux, lactose overload, dairy overload and inconsolable crying.

Nurturing families through myths, conundrums, remedies and biological facts, BabyCues unveils - for the first time ever - the likely, positive brain developments that occur when newborns display Six-Wind-Cues.

This simple read, and candid guide, helps cultivate a choice of care based on common sense and dependable ‘life-logical’ solutions. These reacquaint us with the fact - there is a manual for all babies. We call it biology: Mother Nature calls it life.

Learn the causes of upset behaviour, ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ communication and the digestive capabilities of a newborn. Discover practical feeding, winding and sleep techniques, together with helpful calming methods. Gain a new understanding of what forms a baby‘s cues and what they are really saying. You will also read the results of Philippa's New Zealand Survey on Colic and Reflux and some of the parent's personal accounts of these behaviours.

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