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SUPPORi Breathable Baby Sling Black

SUPPORi Breathable Baby Sling Black

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As babies develop and grow, many parents find that carrying their child on their hip is the easiest and most convenient way to move around, stay productive, and maintain their own and their child’s comfort. The SUPPORi baby sling is perfect for that task. It is different from most carriers due to its superior features and advantages, high-tech design, durability, and availability in a wide variety of trendy colours.  


  • simple, one-piece sling, no extra parts to assemble or carry
  • winner of multiple international awards
  • manufactured with triple-stitch technology for maximum stretch, strength, and durability
  • safe, comfortable, secure and easy to use for both parents and babies
  • alleviates baby wearing injuries caused by typical baby carriers/slings
  • lightweight (medium sling is half the weight of an iPhone 4) and permeable, which allows air to flow
  • It is a safe, comfortable, and stylish baby hip carrier that can be used by both Mom and Dad to help simplify your lives. The carrier is not only a simple and effective way to carry your baby, but it also promotes healthy emotional and psychological development for your child.

Manufactured using a seamless technique, SUPPORi offers both strength and stretch, thus keeping baby safe and secure. If worn as recommended, you can also use it for your next and next baby. SUPPORi will relieve weight-induced stress from “wearing” your baby, and its structure and design will relieve unwanted heat rashes during hot summers.

Recommended Age:

The SUPPORi is recommended for a baby who can sit unsupported from 6 mos (7kg/15 lbs.) to 36 mos (15kg/33 lbs). The SUPPORi should NOT be used for newborns.  As long as your baby can sit unsupported, the SUPPORi is safe for pregnant mums to use.

Product Material:

The SUPPORi is made of triple-stitched, knitted polyester that is also used in motor vehicle manufacturing. This fabric does not retain heat and is very durable.

Instructions and Warnings:

Incorrect handling and use of this product may cause material damage or injuries. Retain this guide for future reference.

When in the sling, your baby must be supported with your hand. Pay attention to your baby’s responsiveness while in the carrier.
The carrier should not be used when jogging, jumping, or exercising. Take care when bending (no more than a 45 degree angle) or leaning forward, sideways, or backward.
Avoid use near fire.
Before using the carrier, please examine for any damage, breakage, or fraying. If damaged, do not use this carrier.
This product is made of knit fabric. Be aware of any accessories, such as belts, earrings, or other jewelry, that could cause damage while putting on or removing the sling. Be cautious with all accessories and outerwear while using the sling.
If you find a hanging thread, do not cut it, as the sling could unravel. Discontinue use.
Do not use this carrier if you have physical or health problems, including but not limited to muscular, circulatory, skeletal, or balance issues, or a history of dizziness and/or back pain.
Do not use this carrier for a child with disabilities.
SUFFOCATION HAZARD: Ensure the infant's face is above the fabric, visible, and free from obstructions at all times. Ensure your child's face is not pressed against the fabric of the sling or your body.
Do not use this carrier for other purposes.

Washing Instructions:

Machine wash in laundry net: Wash with a gentle cycle using mild detergent in 104°F/40°C water. Do not use chlorine bleach or fabric softener. Gently rinse and reshape the carrier. Lay flat to dry in the shade. Do not iron, dry clean, or dry in the dryer. Please make sure to wash separately.

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Exchange policy?
Hi, I popped in to your Baby On The Move Botany store to purchase a suppori sling. Unfortunately they didn't have any in stock to try out. I am on the cusp of 2 sizes. Should I go for the bigger or smaller? If I order the wrong size am I able to exchange it easily? 
  • Hi Faith, Thank you for your enquiry. Sizing for the Suppori Sling is available in medium, Large, 2Large, 3Large and 4Large (height and under bust measuremants vary for each of these size options). We would recommend to check in store for size variation charts available on the reverse of this product. If you are inbetween sizes, selecting the next available size up would be advised. Regarding our exchange policy, as per our  terms and conditions available online, unfortunately, we do not refund or exchange for incorrect choice and sale items, so we do recommend to choose carefully before purchasing. A full price product may be returned for an in-store or online shop credit only or exchanged for an equal value product or item – no cash refunds will be given (subject to the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993). Items must be returned to base within 14 days from delivery date (date will be on purchase receipt enclosed with items) and any freight charges are at the expense of the purchaser. Please note that they must be in original, unused condition with labels and packaging intact. Items must be returned with a copy of your receipt.  We can then organise a replacement or a credit. If you wish to return any item for any reason, please contact the branch you purchased the goods through first to let us know your intention to return the goods and your reasons why. We will take action within a reasonable time (within 3 months from date of purchase) to correct any error or inaccuracy which is brought to our attention. This will also apply to any goods that have manufacture faults or is not fit for the purpose in which it was intended. We hope this has helped with your query.
    Baby On The Move Team
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what is the sizing for the Suppori Baby Sling?
I would like to buy a Suppori Baby Sling, but am wondering what the sizings are?
  • Hi Dana, Thank you for your enquiry. If you go the product page on our website, there is a recommended size chart provided under the description. We hope this helps with your query.
    Baby On The Move Team
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