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Lively Living Aroma Snooze

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Sleep-Aid Vaporiser by Lively Living

Lively Living sets a new benchmark in reclaiming sleep naturally with the release of the Aroma-Snooze!

The Aroma-Snooze is specifically designed to improve and enhance the sleep of the whole family, from new born babies, to senior family members.

Lively Living have utilised the latest technology underpinned by evidence-based research on the science of sleep.

The Aroma-Snooze has innovative new features which have been combined to really set it apart from other sleep-aids on the market.


  • Red/Orange LED Light: which has a 8 second rhythmic cycle to stimulate melatonin levels – the hormone in our body that regulates sleep. The light and the mist will switch off automatically when there is no water left.
  • COLOUR CHANGING LIGHT: Aroma-Snooze’s light can also oscillate between shades of the full colour spectrum of LED light, for a soothing and mesmerising effect and can be set to individual colours if desired.
  • 5 DIFFERENT SOUND & MUSIC TRACKS: One of Aroma-Snooze’s secret weapon lies in its built-in music and sound component:
    Rock-a-bye Baby: A soft, musical lullaby for nighttime
    Pink Noise: Celebrated for its sleep-enhancing properties, pink noise slows down and regulates brain waves allowing for a deeper, longer sleep. Plays on a continuous uninterrupted loop. This emulates similar sounds heard whilst a baby is in the womb.
    Comforting Heartbeat Sound: Great for relieving separation anxiety
    Rain Sound: Soothing sound of rain, perfect for adults and children. Incorporating the same Pink Noise frequencies. This will also play on a continuous uninterrupted loop.
    Uplifting Tempo Lullaby: A gentle lullaby with a faster tempo for relaxation and day-play
  • When you are playing a music track, press through all the tracks to hit the 6th press of NO music, or whilst playing any track, hold the Music button in firmly for 2 seconds to turn the music off. The music and Voice recorder sounds need to turned off manually by pressing the music Button.
  • VOICE RECORDER: All children are unique, and you know what soothes them most. The Voice Recorder will allow you to personalise your Aroma-Snooze experience by making a recording (up to 30 seconds) that can be played on a continuous loop. Perhaps you may like to record a) A favourite song b) Positive words of encouragement c) A comforting ‘shhhh’ sound. The music and Voice recorder sounds need to turned off manually by pressing the music Button. The Voice Recording function will switch off by pressing Music button once.
  • Ultrasonic Technology: Ultrasonic Technology uses high frequency vibrations to immediately turn water into a cool vapour without the use of heat. The advantage is that there is no condensation created and the Essential Oils are kept in their purest form. The Ultrasonic Technology used in the Aroma-Snooze will also create the following benefits:
    Ioniser: The water vibrates at 2.4 million Hz/sec creating ‘healthy’ negative ions which counteract positive ‘pollutant’ ions in the air. Negative ions help remove dust, germs and bacteria in the air, and can aid respiratory problems such as Asthma, Sinus and Allergies.
    Humidifier: The Aroma-Snooze adds a very light moisture (300ml over 10 hours) back into the atmosphere to create a better breathing environment. It may also help you to sleep more comfortably and prevent dry skin conditions.
How to clean your Aroma Snooze:
  • The best way to clean your aroma diffuser is to use vinegar to clear out the system. Firstly, make sure the diffuser is switched off and unplugged, then fill up the chamber with half water and a tablespoon of vinegar before diffusing for five minutes.
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11 reviews for Lively Living Aroma Snooze

  1. Stacey

    Purchased this in a rush for my little one who caught bugs at daycare. Best decision! After struggling through nights with breathing the first few nights of using this diffuser was noticeably different! We already had a white noise and light but I have now changed to just using this and I have noticed her sleep has improved a lot. I love that it has everything in 1 and is definitely a plus at how neat it looks! It is also a great price point for what it does include.

  2. Kirsten (verified owner)

    We love this product! Was recommended by my sister in law and its amazing. Needed a noise machine that goes all night, it has a good range of noises and different light settings. Also love that it’s a diffuser which has been game changing in only a week for us! Can’t recommend this enough, we’ll worth the money!

  3. Megan (verified owner)

    Great product overall. The only let down is that the volume doesn’t really get loud enough to be super effective otherwise it’s a great product

  4. Emma

    Awwww I love everything about this diffuser!! The beautiful colour display, soothing sounds to choose from including soft music & white noise. I not only love having this during cold and flu season but just to make the house smell beautiful with lovely therapeutic oils. Highly recommend this product!!!!

  5. Dorothy (verified owner)

    Went in to buy a different item but lovely lady said that this particular item would work better for me. I’m so glad I did purchase this item! Doesn’t need refills all the time, white noise is fairly loud for a dual purpose item! Bonus it looks beautiful. I’m looking forward to using it with my baby but at the moment I am enjoying the scents I got to go with it! Another bonus 8 can use any of my favourite ones!

  6. Jodie (verified owner)

    One of our Best Buy’s for the twins , Find it fantastic for keeping those winter bugs at bay and the light and tunes help the twins sleep so so well at night!

  7. Emma

    Best Buy! Has helped so much with my sons breathing throughout the night when he is sick, and with the added lights and sounds is such a bonus! The lights are very calming and the vaporiser lasts all through the night too!

  8. Emma

    Brought this when 1 year old caught the winter bugs and has been so helpful to aid in his breathing during the night, especially lasting all night long. Along with the added lights and sounds is just a massive bonus to this buy. Not bulky in size and very stylish

  9. Daryl Dobby-Smith

    I was recommended this by Napier BOTM after struggling with my 6m old not sleeping at all … put the music & lights on and hes asleep on his own which has never happen before! So thankful to the team for suggesting this.

  10. Grace

    So glad I bought this. Love that it’s a 3 in one product. It’s a humidifier, white noise machine and night light all in one. It helps to create the same sleep environment for my baby every time which I love. I swear she sleeps better with the aroma snooze. Love it!

  11. Jess

    Th Aroma Snooze is amazing I could not fault!
    Has helped my toddler sleep soooo well and through the night. The diffuser lart goes for 10 hours!! Sounds are perfect and love the option of light colour! Highly recommend

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  • Do each of the functions work independently?Does sound work without light or diffuser?

    Hi Belinda, Yes they can be used independently. Thanks

    Question by : Belinda Boyd on May 12, 2020 11:24:35 AM
  • Does this need to be plugged into power all the time to work?

    Hi Acacia, thank you for your inquiry, the Livley Living Aroma Snooze does need to be connected to the power unit at all times for it to work. We hope this helps. if you follow the link this will take you to our online store finder. Here you can find contact details for your nearest Baby On The Move Store where one of our team experts will be happy to assist you in your product search and help answer any further questions you may have.

    Question by : Acacia on Jun 24, 2020 07:58:43 PM
  • Does this play music continiously?

    Hi Kim, thank you for your inquiry, the Music will play continuously unless the sound button is held down for 2 secs it will then shut off. We hope this helps. If you follow the link this will take you to our online store finder. Here you can find contact details for your nearest Baby On The Move Store where one of our team experts will be happy to assist you in your product search and help answer any further questions you may have.

    Question by : Kim on Sep 7, 2020 08:45:22 PM
  • Do you refill from the top, or do you have to take it apart and refill from the bottom?

    Hi there, you refill this by taking the lid off the top and filling to the max line. I hope this helps.

    Question by : Chocolat.eclare on Jul 8, 2022 10:32:15 AM

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