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Original Belly Bandit

Original Belly Bandit

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Original Belly Wrap by Belly Bandit

The one-of-a-kind Original Belly Bandit® was created especially for a woman’s post pregnant body. This basic uncovered version is the ORIGINAL style that started the craze! Belly Bandit have created a customized medical grade garment specifically for the post pregnant women. The ultimate Bandita belly binding elastic is 100% latex free and can be adjusted to fit around the belly, waist and hips to create the ultimate slimming result. Providing the unique powerful stretch and compress technology creates a garment geared to shrink your new shape.

The Original Belly Bandit® was made for the savvy no-nonsense mum on a belly busting mission. Simple, economical, effective and all together cute!

In order to receive maximum belly, waist and hip shrinking benefit you should wear this for 6-8 weeks post delivery.


  • Helps Lose Inches Faster
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Accelerates Healing
  • Look Slimmer Instantly
  • Helps Minimize Stretch Marks
  • Provides Comfort after C-Section
  • Adds Support while Breastfeeding
  • Supports Back, Leg & Core Muscles
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How does the sizing work with these?
How do I size myslef to fit the Belly Bandit? I would like to purchase one before I am due. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant.
leanne McInerney
  • Hi Leanne, Thank you for your enquiry. The Band sizes range from extra small to extra large are measured to fit the following belly size: Extra Small: 69cm - 82cm, Small: 84cm - 94cm, Medium: 97cm - 110cm, Large: 112cm -127cm and Extra Large: 127cm -145cm. Due to the variations in size and shape of women's bodies we appreciate it can be tricky to size yourself for a Belly Bandit. There is no exact science that fits all women, but some tips we have found to be helpful are: 
    If you are purchasing a Belly Bandit early on in your pregnancy, your best bet is to go up 1 to 2 band sizes from your pre-pregnancy belly size. 
    In the eighth month many women will be the same size as they will be post delivery. Simply measure the part of your tummy that is the biggest all the way around your abdomen, which is usually at the belly button and choose the corresponding band for your size. 
    Just prior to delivery simply subtract 3 to 5 inches from your belly measurement and select the corresponding band for that size. 
    If you purchase your Belly Bandit after you give birth, simply choose the corresponding band for belly size.The Belly Bandit's designed with five inches of adjustability to stay tight as you shrink.
    We hope this has helped with your query.
    Baby on The Move Team
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