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Choosing to use reusable cloth nappies is a commitment...

Maybe you would like to do your bit for the planet by reducing landfill or save some money. Maybe you would like to use cloth at home and disposables when you’re out and about.

What ever your reason for choosing real nappies you need to know where to start as it may all seem a bit daunting. Put your worries aside it’s not as complicated as you imagine. Cloth nappies have come a long way from the large squares of terry towelling that needed to be folded in complicated ways. You can wave goodbye to those large pins too.

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Here is an outline of the components that make up cloth nappies

On the outside you have the wrap. This is the waterproof part of the system which keeps baby’s clothes dry. As baby grows different sizes of wrap are needed.
Inside the wrap you have the nappy which absorbs the pee. Nappies are either shaped or flat. Flat nappies need to be folded before putting inside.
Inside the nappy you have the liner. This lies against the baby’s bottom to catch the poo and let the pee pass through to the nappy.
Liners can be either washable or disposable. Whilst not essential, they make using real nappies more manageable.\
You can buy nappies either as a sized system with maybe 2 or 3 sizes from birth to toilet training or as a birth to potty system which comes as one size of nappy and is adjustable to fit for the entire nappy wearing period.
If you plan to use real nappies at night you will need to use extra absorbency and this is provided with a booster. Some birth to potty nappies have daytime boosters which can be popped in/out according to the size of the baby and the absorbency required.


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