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Car Seat Installation Service

Our car seat installation service is FREE if you buy or hire a car seat from us, or an affordable fee to install a car seat you’ve purchased elsewhere. All car seat fittings are completed by a qualified Child Restraint Technician.

Three FREE car seat installations for each car seat purchase.

FREE installation and harness adjustments for hire period.

At Baby On The Move we know how stressful it is installing your baby’s car seat! At each of our stores we have a team of highly experienced and qualified Child Restraint Technicians who will both install AND enable you to feel confident installing your own car seat!

Every parent has been in the situation where they’ve had to re-install their car seat, whether it be going for a WOF, using a hire vehicle, or having a big sibling accidentally unbuckle it, and more often than not it can be stressful and rushed to re-install. We want to empower families to feel confident in these situations, and as the driver of the vehicle is legally responsible for ensuring the restraint is correctly installed – we are here to teach you! Please click HERE to view the Land Transport (Road User) Amendment Rule (No2) 2013 document.

How to make a booking?

Making an appointment is easy! For any installs, harness checks, or trial fittings you can either call us on 0800 222 966 and select your local store from the menu options or contact your local store direct.



Please arrive early to your appointment, and give us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or change your appointment time.

What to expect from your appointment?

  • One on one advice from a qualified Child Restraint Technician, who will advocate for following best practice recommendations (please find more info on these recommendations HERE)
  • An environment where you feel comfortable asking questions (remember, there are no silly ones when it comes to your child’s safety!)
  • Up to date legal requirement information
  • A discussion on the whole family travelling safely in the vehicle.
  • A carseat that is installed compliantly and set up correctly for the child travelling in it
  • Thorough installation demonstration
  • Advice on how to care for and adjust your car seat
  • A discussion on the limits of your restraint and the next steps (if applicable)

Did you purchase your car seat through us?

When you purchase your car seat from Baby On The Move you will receive our complimentary 3 FREE installation card. This installation card is only valid for use with the restraint it was purchased with, and you must bring it along to your appointment to receive the free install.

Did you purchase your car seat through us before 1st April 2019?

If your restraint was purchased prior to 3 FREE installation cards being implemented (1st April 2019) please bring your restraint into store with your proof of purchase and we will issue you a 3 FREE installation card to start from that date.

Did you purchase your seat elsewhere?

No worries! We are more than happy to install your car seat.

Installation fees are applicable if the child restraint has not been purchased through any Baby On The Move store or you have used up your 3 free installs.

An installation fee (one per seat) varies FROM $35 one seat, $50 two seats, $75 three seats, maximum charge $50 per seat depending on the complexity of the car seat or your vehicle. The store will confirm your fee at the time of your inquiry and your booking will be confirmed once the installation fee has been paid.

1 seat from $35 (maximum charge $50)

2 seats from $50 (maximum charge $100)

3 seats from $75 (maximum charge $150)

When you hire your car seat from Baby On The Move we will install it for FREE! 

Do you need a ‘3 across’ trial fit or 3 car seats installed across the back seat?

We stock a range of slimline car seats that are often suitable to fit 3 children safely across the back seat. If you require assistance fitting or trialling 3 across, please contact your local store to book in a time for this – please allow an hour minimum for this appointment. 3 across trials start at $75, however this cost may be reduced if you purchase a new restraint on the day.

Please note not all vehicles will allow restraints in all seating positions so it’s imperative to read (and bring along) your vehicle manual prior to making the appointment.

When you attend this appointment please make sure you have your children’s height, weight and seated height (bottom to shoulder) measurements, bring all other restraints you own (including manuals) and we will take care of the rest!



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