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Baby On The Move have partnered with leading insurance companies to replace your damaged Car Seat!

IAG Partnership

We’ve partnered with New Zealand’s largest general insurer, IAG. They trade under the companies AMI, State, NZI, ASB, BNZ, Co-Op, Westpac, NAC, Crombie Lockwood, Swan, Aon, Lumley and Lantern.

Ando Collaboration

We’re collaborating with Ando Insurance. They work with New Zealand’s leading broker groups and are the general insurance partner to Kiwibank, offering house, contents and car insurance.

If you have any questions about your insurance policies and if your restraints are covered, please make contact with your insurer.

Car Seats after an impact

If you’ve been in an accident your Car Seat may need to be replaced. Many car seat manufacturers have their own crash replacement criteria and when they believe the car seat needs to be replaced (please refer to your restraint manual for this criteria).

However, many car seat brands follow the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) or MACPS (Manufacturers Alliance for Child Passenger Safety) guidelines to determine if the impact is categorised as moderate to severe and if the restraint needs replacing.

If you can say YES to any one of the following:

  • Was the vehicle unable to be driven from the scene of the impact?
  • Was the vehicle door closest to the restraint damaged?
  • Was there any broken glass in the seat or it’s attached parts?
  • Did any of the passengers in the vehicle sustain any injuries? (includes a sore neck developing in the days after)
  • If the vehicle has air-bags, did they deploy?
  • Is there any damage to the Car Seat? (broken pieces, stress markings on plastic, stretched webbing, broken top tether stitching, cracked poly, buckled seat when placed on a flat service)

Then your Car Seat likely needs replacing. If you’re unsure it’s better to be safe than sorry!

You’ve been in an impact and need to replace your Car Seat – what next?

  1. Contact your insurance company and lodge a claim
  2. If your insurance company is a Baby On The Move partner, they will then send a referral through to our Head Office team, who will forward it through to your closest Baby On The Move store.
  3. Your local Baby On The Move store will make contact with you within 24 hours (please note there may be a delay on weekends and public holidays).
  4. Our Child Restraint Technician from your local store will discuss with you the best options, either a like for like replacement, closest equivalent if that model is unavailable, or upgrading to the ‘next stage’ if necessary.
  5. Once you decide which option you’d like to proceed with, we will organise a courier to collect your damaged car seat (if you are unable to travel to the store) and ship your replacement car seat to you.
  6. If you are able to do the swap at your local store, we will take your damage restraint and install your new one.
  7. Your damaged restraint will then be collected by the SeatSmart 3R recycling team to be dismantled and recycled- reusing 70% of the restraint!

Why your damaged Car Seat must be returned

Baby On The Move and our Insurance partners take child safety very seriously, and if we replace a child Car Seat before collecting the unsafe one, it may continue to be used and there is a possibility we would lose the opportunity to take it out of circulation. We have a responsibility to make sure that the damage seat is returned and recycled therefore not putting a child at risk… keeping our kiwi kids safe!

Recycling your restraint after an impact

We are so proud to be linked with SeatSmart child Car Seat recycling program. SeatSmart has two valuable aims: 1, to reduce waste to landfill, and 2, improve awareness of expiry dates and remove damaged car seats off our roads, which therefore improves road safety for our precious cargo. Our Baby On The Move stores are all collection points for the SeatSmart programme.

Whilst there is usually a $35 fee to recycle a restraint, when replacing your damage restraint through a Baby On The Move insurance partner it is all included in the service.


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