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A lot of babies do seem to dislike the aspect of bathing, this is normal. Sometimes it is just easier to do a “top and tail” wash which is using a soft cloth and gently washing your baby’s hands, bottom and face instead of having a bath.

Here are some simple tips:

• Wash your baby’s face while they’re still dressed, but be careful with the eyes!
• Undress your baby but leave the nappy till last.
• Lower your baby slowly into the bath while supporting their head and neck (this is very important). Go feet first and lay their back while keeping you baby cradled in one arm.
• Now the fun part, gently wash your baby then take him or her out very carefully (be careful, your baby maybe slippery) and wrap your baby in a nice soft towel.

If you don’t trust your own judgement, Baby On The Move stocks lots of thermometers in cool designs.

Yes! Babies love being in the water with their parents. It’s a great opportunity to bond and have some fun!

Here are some essential items for bathing time with your baby:

• A soap free baby wash specifically for babies.
• A ‘no more tears’ baby shampoo.
• Baby moisturiser for those dry times.
• Nappy rash cream.

• For newborns and babies up to six months old, run the water to about 13cm (5in) deep. Or just make sure there’s enough water so that your baby settles in the water with their shoulders well covered.
• Never fill the bath more than waist-high (in a sitting position) for older babies and children. And never put your baby into a bath when the water is still running. The depth of the water could quickly rise too high.

This is completely up to you. Some babies love the water and find it soothing, so make the most of it. Your baby doesn’t need a bath every day, 2 or 3 times a week is fine as long as you clean his face, neck, hands and bum area daily.

Some basic baby bath toys are great to keep your baby entertained and happy during bath time. There are lots of different types of toys for your baby to play with in the bath such as floating toys that hold water, simple things like sticky toys that stick to the bath or bathroom wall are great. Toys are not only fun but they also help teach your baby basic physics, develop fine motor skills and enhance coordination.

• Always read the label.
• When bathing with your baby, make sure there is another adult to help you both get out of the bath.
• NEVER leave your baby unattended in the bath, babies can just slip under water and not even splash, so don’t turn your back.
• Make sure the bath is not too hot
• Make sure the taps (especially the hot tap) are properly turned off to prevent hot water dripping on your baby.
• Keep the depth of the water minimal.
• Always use bath products designed specifically for a baby.
• Non slip mats are essential
• Make sure the bathroom is comfortably warm so your baby doesn’t get a chill.
• Make sure you have everything ready on hand before you undress your baby.


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