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HotTea Mama Organic The Final Push Tea 14pk

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A blend of raspberry leaf, that has been used for millennia to prepare the body for labour, and whole peppermint leaf to support digestion.

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Prepare to meet your baby in the most delicious way possible, with our organic The Final Push raspberry leaf tea.

A blend of raspberry leaf, that has been used for millennia to prepare the body for labour, and whole peppermint leaf to support digestion. It can be drunk from 32 weeks on-wards.

Raspberry leaf tea has traditionally been used to help ease your baby’s entrance into the world. It has been linked to shorter and more straightforward births in research. As well as potentially helping recovery too.It’s believed to help due to the fragarine that is found in raspberry leaves and the positive effect it has on uterine strength.

This tea is designed to be drunk from the third trimester. We recommend drinking 1 cup per day from 32 – 33 weeks, and providing you don’t have braxton hicks as a result, increase this to 2 cups per day from 33 – 34 weeks. Then drink up to 3 cups a day from 34 weeks until your baby arrives.

  • Raspberry leaf tea has been traditionally used to help ease your baby’s entrance into the world. It has been linked to a shorter second stage of labour.
  • We have blended organic red raspberry leaves with organic whole peppermint to create a deliciously sweet and refreshing cuppa
  • Start drinking 1 cup at 32 weeks, increasing to drink up to 3 cups a day until your baby arrives
  • The soothing properties of whole peppermint leaves can help to ease heartburn, and aid digestion.  They also make the tea delicious – as on it’s own, raspberry leaf is extremely bitter and hard to drink
  • 100% natural ingredients, plastic free, biodegradable tea bags and packaging
  • Gluten free and vegan friendly
  • Each bag makes 2 cups of tea – leave the bag in if you like a stronger brew
  • Multi-award winning: The Final Push has won the 2019 UK Baby Awards – Best Maternity Product, and the 2020 Dear Bump – Best Pregnancy Supplement.
  • Each pack contains 14 biodegradable pyramid tea bags, enough for 28 cups or more

About the ingredients:

Refreshingly minty and herbaceous.

  • Raspberry leaf does not taste like raspberries! It has a flavour akin to green tea, with subtle vegetal notes and a slight bitterness.
  • Whole leaf peppermint is sweeter and with a more intense mint flavour compared to a traditional tea bag.
  • In combination, they have a sweet and herby taste, with a thick mouthfeel.

We don’t recommend adding milk or sugar, but follow your cravings and personal taste!

Hot Brew:

  • Each of our packs has simple instructions on it, but essentially you should use 1 tea bag per person, and freshly boiled water for all except Head Start. This tea works best with 80-degree water (let your kettle sit for 5 minutes with the lid open after boiling). Brew for 3-5 minutes depending on how strong you like it.
Iced Tea:

  • Use 1 bag per 300ml of water (this is the average size of a water glass) Add freshly boiled water, as if you were making a normal cuppa. Place the glass, with the tea bag still in, in your fridge to cool. Enjoy once cool – add lots of ice and fruit if you’re feeling fancy.

Will Raspberry leaf make my baby come early?

The short answer is no. There’s no real evidence to show that drinking raspberry leaf when you’re overdue will kick things off. Instead, the evidence shows that it can lead to a shorter second stage and fewer interventions when you’re delivering your baby. This is why we recommend drinking it as part of your birth preparation from 32 weeks.

When should I start drinking this tea?

You can start drinking raspberry leaf tea at 32 weeks. We recommend having 1 cup a day from 32 weeks, 2 cups from 33 weeks, and a maximum of 3 cups from 33 weeks until your baby arrives.

How much Raspberry Leaf is in this tea?

It is 40% raspberry leaf and 60% peppermint. This is to give a natural sweetness to balance the flavour, and the peppermint  can also help heartburn, which is a major issue for many women at the end of pregnancy. Also, the raspberry leaf we use is whole leaf, so you can get more of it’s benefits compared to dust, which is found in a normal tea bag, this can lose its goodness to the air quickly after production.

Are there any occasions when you should not drink Raspberry Leaf Tea?

If you’re pregnant, there are a few occasions not to drink raspberry leaf. We recommend talking to your midwife or healthcare provider for specific guidance if you have any concerns.


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