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Leaf Wind

Leaf Wind

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Leaf Wind by Nuna

Sway left. Then right. Then left again. Relaxing — right? That same calming motion can now be a continuous one, thanks to the LEAF wind. Creating a soft, steady breeze as it connects with just a click to your LEAF or LEAF curv, with 6 speed settings sure to soothe your little one straight on into newborn dreamland.

Here's to swaying on...and on.


  • allows the LEAF* to sway continuously on its own
  • allows the LEAF curv* to sway continuously on its own
  • six speed settings to soothe baby
  • integrated one-touch sensor control panel is easy to use
  • attaches to the base of the LEAF series with just a click
  • no buzz or noise, perfect for drifting off into naptime
  • no batteries needed
  • included micro usb cord works with both wall plug (included) and battery backup charger (not included)
  • micro usb cord option allows for the LEAF wind to work wherever your battery backup charger (not included) can go
  • recommended use: birth until child weighs 11 kg or can sit up
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Will the Nuna wind fit our Nuna Leaf?
Hi there, We have a Nuna Leaf and were wondering if the Nuna Wind attachment will work on it. I have tried to research it and found only certain serial numbers will work, how ever our rocker fits into the year bracket they are suggesting. Do you have one to trial or more info to help.. Our unit is Model # SE-01-017GL with a date 13/05/2016 Thanks
  • Hi Ryan, thank you for your enquiry, sorry for the delay but we wanted to double check your serial number with our supplier, they have said that the model you have should not fit the Nuna Wind, however, they did say that if there is a small groove in the base then it may fit the wind, she was double checking this but also said it might be worth taking it to your closest store for them to confirm visually. We hope this helps. ​For further information on this or any of our other products available, if you follow the link this will take you to our online store finder. Here you can find contact details for your nearest Baby On The Move Store where one of our team experts will be happy to assist you in your product search and help answer any further questions you may have. We hope this has helped with your query.
    Baby On The Move Team
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