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A buggy or pram is probably the most considered purchase you’ll ever make for your little one

With such a huge variety of styles, colours and designs with varying features – shopping for a set of wheels can be a mind boggling experience, but with a bit of planning and research one it can be made a whole lot easier.
Before you start looking at different options, it’s important to think about your lifestyle, your baby’s needs and budget! For some, this means daily walks in the park, jogs along the beach or just a quick whizz around the shops. How and where you use your buggy should make your decision easier as there are many options available.

Check out the different types of buggies – scroll through your options below.

Infant car seat adapters

Adapters can be purchased to clip your infant car seat onto your buggy. Great for keeping a baby asleep when transferring from or to the car – but remember that newborns should not spend too much time in a car seat.

Some things to consider when purchasing your buggy...

  • Will you be walking mainly through shops and urban areas or taking it more off road through parks and beaches?
  • Do you regularly use public transport or live up or down stairs?
  • Do you need to be able to fold and unfold it quickly and easily?
  • How much room have you in the boot of your car?
  • How long do you anticipate using your buggy for?
  • How much storage space will you need in the basket?
  • Do you want the option of your baby facing you past carrycot stage?
  • Are you likely to be having a second child in the near future?
  • Some buggies come with the ability of adding a second seat.

Consider the height of you and your partner

When you purchase or hire, make sure it is suitable for those who will use it. If you and your partner are at different heights then look for adjustable handles that can move up and down so your arms are comfortable when pushing.

Consider the weight of your buggy

It is important and will decipher how you get on with your buggy. These days buggies are made with super sturdy frames that are lighter and more flexible – allowing parents to go for the buggy of their choice without having to use all their arm power to lift it up a pavement.

If you are likely to be taking the buggy in and out of the car boot

The weight and its ability to fold easily will be more of a priority than someone who never folds up a buggy but needs something quite robust to manage different terrain. A buggy that moves well and tackles corners, kerbs and rough ground with ease will be much more enjoyable to use than something that’s heavy, cumbersome and difficult to manoeuvre.

If you plan to use your buggy from birth

Consider one that can be converted to and from a bassinet. To have this you may need to purchase an optional carrycot which is detachable from the chassis and makes moving a sleeping baby around much easier. If you don’t want to consider a carrycot then make sure your buggy is able to recline to a fully lay-back position, without compromising the safety.  Around about 6 months your baby will start to learn to sit up so look out for multiple seat positions and comfort inserts will mean they will be happy and relax on the move!

And just when you have got your head around the buggy then come the accessories!

These include a rain cover (sometimes included with the buggy), sun cover, footmuff for those cold days, buggy liner, drinks holder, travel bag etc.  As well as the extra for the second child in the way of buggy board or second seat that can clip on so your toddler can be pushed along at the same time.

Test drive the different types of buggies available at your nearest Baby On The Move store. That way you can get a feel of what suits you, your baby and your lifestyle the best.


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