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Why do these have an expiry date?

Hi Emmett, Thank you for your enquiry, The reason child restraints expire is because the materials used to produce them deteriorate over time. Even car seats that are well looked after or properly stored still deteriorate and the lifespan of a car seat is dependant on the materials used to produce it. While installed in a vehicle a car seat is exposed to sun and temprature changes with sometimes quite extreme heating and cooling. Car seats are tested for these conditions to ensure the seat performs correctly in an accident and expiry dates are based around these tests.
Also both cars and car seats are evolving constantly, as technology improves so does the safety of child restraints. Car seat safety standards are adjusted regularly to ensure the best safety technology is used to protect children while travelling. Car seats have up to a 10 year lifespan, the knowlege aquired through research and the technology developed in this time can help to significantly reduced the risk of your child being seriously injured in a vehicle accident. We hope this helps with your query.

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